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Verity the Venuefinder is the embodiment of our venue finding service. She’s knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, a great multi-tasker and is always able to suggest great venues for any of your meeting and event needs. She’s got a weird sense of humour but we’re sure that you’ll get to like her.

Here are some of her latest challenges. Go on, ask away…

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Dear Verity the Venue Finder, can you recommend a leadership team retreat with a touch of class? 10 couples, activities morning and afternoon, dinner and overnight. Swanky and top end please, south east UK preferred.

I’d be barking mad not to recommend Hound Lodge at the fabulous Goodwood Estate. It’s very classy, and you get a private butler to take care of the group. During the day, you can shoot clays, drive Landrovers off road, fly planes, drive fast cars and then round it all off with a superb dinner and a good night’s sleep in the individually designed bedrooms. Glorious Goodwood indeed!

Verity, I need your help again please. I’m looking for a Birmingham venue which can host an event for 70 people. It needs to be quirky and different, with a lot of character. I don’t want a hotel! Any ideas?

We love The Compound. It’s a former textile factory in the Jewellery Quarter which has been lovingly refurbished and has lots of space you can use, including an indoor garden and a 25 seat cinema!  Think warehouse, but oh so chic! Pop me an email and I’ll get it all fixed for you.

Hi Verity, my boss is asking me to suggest ideas for her management team meeting in Berkshire next month, any suggestions? We’re looking for top end quality, 12 bedrooms, a lovely meeting room and a spa.

What about Coworth Park? If you’re looking for top end, you can’t go wrong; it’s stunning and has everything you’re looking for. The best thing? It’s posh without being stuffy! A great alternative would be the newly refurbished Royal Berkshire; book the Yellow Room for the meeting, and drinks on the terrace before a private dinner in one of their suites. Lovely!

Verity, can I pick your brains again? Where can I send our 50 strong sales force for a 2 night, 3 day conference in January within an hours’ drive of Heathrow? They’re thinking 4 star, with an off-site dinner on the second day.

For a good choice of restaurants for that off-site dinner, you’ll want to be near a major town or city, so I’m thinking Windsor, Reading, Guildford (Radisson Blu) or Bracknell (Coppid Beech). All of these fit the bill and all those places have good nightlife so your sales force will thank you (but not until they’ve sobered up!)

Dear Verity the Venue Finder, I need a team building activity for my group of 30 people in November. They’ve done the Big Picture, a drum workshop, built rafts, so they’re pestering me for something different. Any thoughts?

I’d suggest an Oriental Cooking class, using electric woks. They’re a lovely team which comes to your venue; you learn all sorts of stuff and then cook your own lunch or dinner. It’s great fun and they have all the safety certificates and risk assessments too, so it’s easy to organise and won’t cause a stir (sorry!).